Santana Cave

New chamber discovered in Santana Cave: Pierre Martin Chamber (PETAR – Brazil)

Santana Cave (also known as Roncador Cave) was first described by the German Sigismund Ernst Richard KRONE in 1909 and identified as the 41st in a list of known caves in the state of São Paulo at that time. Although not explored at the time, it was suggested as a cave with potential to be one of the largest caves in the state of São Paulo. In 1975, members of the CEU (Centro Universitario Excursionista) during Tatus Operation (15 days underground permanence and chronobiology experiment held in Santana Cave) discovered  Taqueupa Chamber, icon of a network of galleries called Tatus Network, recognized by the variety and profusion of rare, delicate and beautiful speleothems. Since then, further discoveries in the cave [...]